All Classes Canceled

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Oxfam Trailwalker 2011

This summer I’ve been taking some of my energy in a new direction. For those of you not already aware, I am currently training for the 2011 Oxfam Trailwalker challenge.

The Trailwalker is an “extreme fundraising event” – as a team of 4, you walk 100km in 48 hours (together, not a relay). The funds raised help Oxfam’s community development projects such as:

  • Providing clean water and sanitation facilities in Haiti
  • Helping women in Sri Lanka start their own small businesses
  • Combatting HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe

In yoga, we’re all one, and we need to work together. I strongly encourage you to find ways to help others (karma yoga). You’re welcome to sponsor my fundraising efforts, and please let me know about your own projects.

Take care,


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Summer Yoga

You might have noticed that the schedule ends abruptly… and it ends tomorrow! Don’t worry, there will be yoga this summer and it will appear on the schedule. I am sorting out my other job and will soon have some times posted.

I already know:

  • There won’t be classes next week
  • I’ll be doing a week of early morning classes soon (maybe the week after next) – let me know if you’re interested
  • Summer classes will be a combination of drop-in classes and short intensive series (ie the week of mornings)

Keep well and I’ll see you soon!


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Class Canceled Tonight

Class is canceled tonight to celebrate the Guelph Pride Kick-Off.  Why not join me at Out on the Shelf instead?

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Spring Open House and Free Yoga

I’ve moved! Join me for an open house, Monday April 4, 2011

  • Meet and Greet: 12-1215 and 615-630PM
  • Free yoga class: 1215-1245 and 630-7PM

Spring Yoga runs April 11 – June 6 (Class cancelled on Victoria Day)

Spring Class Schedule – full details on the schedule page

Monday               1015-1145AM

Thursday             1015-1145AM

Register by April 4th and Save $10

  • 8 week session costs $85 (Early bird $75)
  • Drop in classes:
  • 90 minutes: $10.50 – 10th class is free
  • 45 minutes (lunch hour):$9 – 10th class is free
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Sign up for Spring Yoga – Get $10 off!

Sign up for your Spring Yoga Session (just call or email me) by April 4th, and you pay just $75 for 8, 90 minute yoga classes! If you work shifts and might not be able to commit to one specific class,  but are still interested in 8 weeks of yoga, let me know and we will discuss your options.

If you miss yoga when sessions aren’t available, did you know that there are teachers posting classes on youtube and itunes? Find a class suited to your level, and if you aren’t sure about something, better safe than sorry. Enjoy your yoga!

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Easy Yoga In a Chair

Action Read is running a great wellness program at the moment. Yesterday I joined in with a simple 20 minute yoga session suitable for almost any age and ability. Their group is fun and talkative, we had a lot of laughs doing yoga in such a small space.

This routine is perfect for a novice yogi or someone looking to integrate healthy living into a busy day. Try taking a few of the poses and integrating them into your work day for a relaxation break, or use the entire series as a gentle routine or warm up to a longer yoga practice.


  • Breathing allows us to choose our emotions and level of relaxation
  • Breath in through the nose, eventually breathing in for 4 counts and out for 8
  • Use the space in your diaphragm, chest and clavicle to let your lungs expand


  • Leg raises
    • Inhale to lift your right leg, both legs straight
    • This can be done sitting, standing, or lying down
    • Switch sides and repeat 5 times
    • Stretches and strengthens hamstrings, improving lower back strength and flexibility
  • Cat/Cow Variations
    • Sitting: hands on your knees inhale and look up and back. Exhale and round your back
    • On all fours: slightly tuck in your tummy. Inhale and look up and back. Exhale and round your back
    • Stretches and strengthens upper back and shoulders
  • Easy twist
    • Sitting: Place right hand on left thigh near the knee and twist to the left, staying up tall. Hold for 10-15 breaths and repeat on opposite side
    • Increase flexibility in spine, good for releasing tension
  • Seated forward bend
    • Breath in and reach up tall, breath out and bend forwards at your hips. Let both hands hold onto your legs (avoid knees) and breath steadily for 1 minute
    • Increase flexibility in back and hamstrings
  • Triangle variation
    • Bring your right hand straight up beside your right ear, left hand to left thigh
    • Exhale stretch up, over, and down to the left – repeat on the opposite side
    • Stretches the muscles between your ribs and your lateral spine


  • Sit or lie down comfortably, shoulders relaxed and eyes closed, let your breathing slow down and become shallow. Try to let your thoughts drift by without engaging with them
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